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The Sixth Workshop on Black Hole Magnetospheres, 2013 March 5-7, Taiwan

The Sixth Workshop on Black Hole Magnetospheres

March 5 (Tue) - 7 (Thu), 2013

National Tsing Hua University, Hsinchu

  • After the discovery about 40 years ago, black holes are used as astrophysical laboratories for studying the physics of general relativity and high-energy plasma phenomena. In this workshop, we envisage a program highlighting the most recent results, as well as revisiting fundamental arguments of black-hole astrophysics. This workshop has been held in Japan every year, and this year, will be held in Taiwan for the first time.
  • The objective of this workshop is to outline a future coordinated program of collaborative work between Taiwan and Japan on the physics of compact objects. Everyone is cordially invited.


  • # Accretion onto compact objects,
  • # Structures of black-hole magnetospheres,
  • # General-relativistic effects around a black hole,
  • # Radio(VLBI)-imaging of the vicinity of a black hole,
  • # Formation, propagation, and acceleration of jets
  • # Other topics (e.g., black holes, pulsars, jets, ...)


  • Kouichi Hirotani (ASIAA/TIARA), Yasusada Nambu (Nagoya Univ.),
  • Shinji Koide (Kumamoto Univ.), Kenichi Nakao (Osaka City Univ.),
  • Hiromi Saida (Daido Univ.), Masaaki Takahashi (Aichi Univ. of Education)


  • Koiuchi Hirotani (ASIAA/TIARA), Masanori Nakamura (ASIAA),
  • Keiichi Asada (ASIAA), Yousuke Mizuno (NTHU), Hung-Yi Pu (NTHU)
  • Email: hirotani_at_tiara.sinica.edu.tw (Please replace _at_ with @.)