Presentations of BHmag2013

The Sixth Workshop on Black Hole Magnetospheres, 2013 March 5-7, Taiwan

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March 4 (Mon) Pre-workshop Lectures
  Kinwah Wu   Overview of accretion and outflows around black holes
  Kouichi Hirotani   Radiative processes in high-energy astrophysics
  Kinwah Wu   Radiative transfer and ray tracing around black holes
March 5 (Tue)  General relativistic magnetohydrodynamics and basic properties of black holes
  Takahashi, Masaaki   GRMHD inflows and outflows in a BH magnetosphere
  Koide, Shinji   Review of primary and recent GRMHD  simulations
  Fujisawa, Kotaro   Let's solve GS equation!
  Yoshida, Shijun   New solutions of charged regular black holes and their stability

Basic BH properties and gravitational waves
  Nakao, Ken-ichi   On "Meissner" effect of extreme black hole
  Isoyama, Souithirou   Toward the adiabatic evolution of the extreme-mass-ratio inspirals in resonance
  Phenomena around rotating black holes
  Saida, Hiromi   Detecting black holes by waves
  Takada, Masato   Brightness of rim of black hole shadow 
  Masuda, Atuki     Propagation of wave with orbital angular momentum in Kerr space-time
March 6 (Wed) Interaction between rotating black holes and their surroundings
  Wu, Kinwah   Gravito-magnetism and orbital dynamics of spinning neutron stars around massive black holes
  Takamori, Yousuke   Analysis of the Blandford-Znajek power for a rapidly rotating black hole
  Wave optics around  black holes
  Nambu, Yasusada   Viewing black holes by waves
  Kanai, Ken-ichiro   Numerical Simulation of Wave Scattering by Black Hole
  VLBI Imaging of radiation from the vicinity of black holes
  Miyoshi, Makoto   A First Black Hole Imager, Caravan-submm
  Asada, Keiichi   Greenland telescope project
  Nakamura, Masanori   Exploring M87 with Sub-mm VLBI: How Can We Test Theories?
  Algaba, Juan Carlos   Probing the magnetic structure of AGNs at 1pc with VLBI rotation measures
March 7 (Thu) Pulsars, AXPs, SGRs, and jets
  Wada, Tomohide   Particle method for axisymmetric pulsar Magnetosphere
  Hirotani, Kouichi   High energy emission from pulsar magnetospheres
  Mizuno, Yosuke   Current-Driven Kink Instability in a Magnetically Dominated Relativistic Jet
  Pu, Hung-Yi      Jet launching from the vicinity of BHs
  Wang, Joan   Can a neutron star recollapse? — A new perspective for the formation of SGRs/AXPs